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The Employment and Labour Lawyers

The Legal Language is a language that can’t be understood by a layman. Even if it is explained in your native language to you, then still it is not understandable. The same phenomenon applies to Doctors as well. Lets cut too short, all it makes you give a Call yo a lawyer. To discover whether a specific law is pertinent to your specific situation, you need to consult a talented lawyer. If you are in UAE then there is no difficulty to find good Lawyers or Law Firms. Because we are discussing the Labour and Employment Lawyers here, therefore the terminology Lawyer means here as Labour and Employment Lawyer. In this manner, one thing is approved that you need to check with the law to secure your rights as a labourer. Therefore you might have to hire a labour and employment lawyer having some expertise in Labour Law who will study your case precisely and propose the final legal activity. To locate a reasonable legal advisor, you should keep on checking the local listing and get local insights where trustworthy lawyers can be availed. The “Work Place Environment” problems that normally require the consideration of labour and employment lawyers are:

·         Salary/Wages Issues:

The UAE Labour Law has set down the minimum amount of salaries and wages for different sorts of occupations. Apart from this, when workers are also not paid or not paid at on right time by the employer then legal actions can be taken with the Legal AID and guidelines provided by Labour Law Lawyers and Labour Legal Consultants.

·         Illegal Firing:

If you imagine that your employment has been ended with no legitimate reasons, you can counsel a legal advisor in regards to whether the end is legal or not. You can demand compensation through your lawyer for unfair dismissal. It is around 3 months usually awarded by UAE Labour Law.

·         Workplace Harassment or Violence:

Every representative has a right to have free from any and all harmful working environment where everybody is treated with respect and without discrimination. But if you have been harassed, bullied or scared by anyone at the workplace then you have the right to take legal action.

·         Overtime Payment:

If your boss attempts to exploit you by declining proper extra time compensation, you should counsel a legal advisor. Apart from this Labour Lawyers are also helpful to resolve the issues as follows;

  • Immigration Bans Issues
  • Labour Ban Issues
  • Abscondings
  • False Cases
  • Legal Notices
  • Wrong Penalities
  • Reputation Damage
  • Employment/Business partnership issues
  • Labour cum Criminal Cases

The experienced Labour and Employment Lawyers can also try to finish the matter amicably by communicating with your boss, management, hr etc. If it does not work then they can help out you in Court. Overall they are useful for the works as follows;

  • Providing Full Legal Support.
  • Providing Full Legal Support and in all the Courts.
  • Helping you to make reports.
  • Helping you to make the final settlements of employees.
  • Manage internal employment disputes of a company.
  • Can be hired as Law Manager of a Company.
  • Draft a Company’s all Employment Agreements, Offer Letter etc.
  • Provide advice to individuals, owners, management(if hired by company)
  • Labour Lawyers do provide legal aid e.g. legal advice and court case services.

The Fee Plans of Employment and Labour Lawyers:

The Fee plans of Employment and Labour Lawyers can be as follows;

  • Per Hour Fee Plan
  • Per Hearing Fee Plan
  • Only up to Hearing Fee Plan
  • Half Upfront and Half After the Success Fee Plan
  • Half Upfront and Half After the Recovery Fee Plan
  • After the Success Fee Plan
  • After the Judgement Fee Plan
  • Contingency Fee Plan