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Our Organization’s Departmental Structure

We have made every effort to ensure that our orgalnization is structured to best suit your needs. Over the past couple of years our organization has undergone immense changes and may continue to evolve based on the changing needs of our clients. However, we think it is important for our clients to understand how our debt recovery in Sharjah works and how the structure of our organization ties in with recovery efforts.

Major Departments

Legal Advice
Labour Employment Law
Civil Law
Criminal Law
Family Law
Property Law
Rental Law
Intellectual Property
Much More
Quality Assurance (QA)
We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service. However, the only way to ensure that our employees are following all the best practices is to monitor their activities and provide them with feedback. Quality assurance professionals are also concerned with ensuring that emails and queries are promptly responded to so that you are never left waiting for a reply indefinitely. This is why we are often touted as Best Legal Knowledge and Service Providers in Sharjah and UAE.
Legal Department
Our Legal Department, provides legal advice, services and perfect solutions, to Businesses and Individuals in Sharjah. We provide Legal Knowledge to people. Our Blog throws light on many informative legal things.
Debt Collection & Market Recovery
These are the people who are concerned with doing what is needed to recover your debt. The department is further sub-divided into phone recovery, physical recovery and recovery of goods. Plus, they are experts that specialize in corporate recovery and the recovery of personal loans. Every debt recovery agent uses only legal and ethical methods to try and recover your debt, they are closely monitored every step of the way to ensure this fact.
Consultation Department
We are connected with amazing Emirati Legal Company/Law Firm where we provide amazing Legal Consultation Services. It is perfect for both parties, who looking for the consultation and for those as well who want to acquire legal services only.