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Successful Law Firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah

Successful Law Firms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Sharjah are considered the best Legal Service Offices in the United Arab Emirates. They have some peculiar characteristics which allow them to stand out from the crowd. The lawyers working in these Law Firms are also considered the best in their domain, specialties, and services. However, the other Emirates also observe the same quality level. Partner compensation is an integral building block of a law firm; successful law firms have this system in place. Nevertheless, partners more often advise on the confidential interviews that are dissatisfied with the method used. The method determines the compensation given to the lawyers. How much and how partners shall be paid is probably the most overwhelming management issue that law firms come across. Several law firms’ struggles with management issues and compensation systems do not meet the requirements. If no effective and effective systems are in place, it will lead to dissatisfaction and demotivation among the partners. Consequently, this uncertainty among the partners will lead to defections and disintegration in a law firm. 

In numerous Law Firms, compensation systems have badly flunked to align the business strategies. As more and more law firms tend to move towards teams. Thus, it has resulted in more law firms incorporating new yet innovative ways to compensate the partners. Consequently, it leads towards a productive and motivated workforce. This allows the team objective to be in line with the business goals and compensation is also directly aligned with the team’s goals. This reinforces a culture that signifies the strategic objectives. Let’s not forget that people tend to behave in a manner they are paid and thus measured. In this way, their performance is measured and on its basis, they are rewarded. Alignment of company goals and personal objectives will allow better achievement of company goals. Furthermore, compensation is not the driving factor of behavior. It reinforces a status quo among law firms. 

Motivation is imperative for the leadership that can greatly impact the law firms than anything else. Compensation systems must be more than a simple allocation. It must reinforce them for a better achievement of the objectives of a law firm. Effective compensation systems in place will surely lead towards growth and success for any law firm which must be given due importance. Law Offices can’t survive without the motivation factor. Motivation is not just to boost the morale of lawyers(employees), legal consultants, paralegal staff, or any other staff members. It is about to provide the opportunity;

  • to learn
  • to grow
  • to be enriched in knowledge
  • to earn more
  • to earn special commissions
  • to earn special acknowledgements

The importance of motivation results in growth in services, productivity, results, efforts, inputs, and level of responsibility. People always try to take the highest level of responsibility and always put the maximum number of effort when they are motivated with a good return, respect, and experience. A person deserves the attention and support with motivation when he is working with a mindset as follows;

  • To deliver
  • To learn
  • To Support
  • To Create a Value
  • To Prove

The motivation Factor is useless on a selfish employee, otherwise. He or she has to create value as well for the company. The Lawyers who bring different cases to Law Firms e.g. Labour and Employment Cases, Real Estate Cases, Civil Law Cases, Rental Cases, Family Cases, etc. Such Lawyers work as Lawyers cum Business Generator, therefore, having high respec in Law Companies. A person who works like this must be respected higher.