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Responsibilities of Lawyers in a Law Firm

The Law Firm business is made up of lawyers, advocates, legal consultants, the other office staff that work together under a firm name, under one roof and under one operation. A Law Firm may just concentrate on specific sorts of law for example e.g. Labour and Employment Law, Family Law) or they may manage an assortment of complete law cases known as “Full-Service Law Firm”. Law Firm is considered and regarded as a serious business. The old perception where only people from good economical backgrounds used to go in legal professions, does not exist more. Law Firm and is a lawyer, is a serious profession. Though Lawyers in Sharjah should be Emirati citizens to open a Law Firm in Sharjah or anywhere else in UAE. The same rule applies to Lawyers in Abu Dhabi and others.

High prizes always give the feeling to clients of being looted by the lawyers which are not true in countries like the UAE, which can be possible in less developed countries. The Lawyers in Sharjah and the Law Firms in Sharjah are almost on the same patterns as lawyers and law firms in other states/emirates. The responsibilities of lawyers in a Law Firm are quite serious, therefore the Law Firms in UAE by the Emirati Advocates are having popularity. These Law Firms are considered best worldwide for offering classic and result producing legal services. For example, the Labour and Employment Lawyers, Family Lawyers, Civil Lawyers etc found in these Law Firms are not just the lawyers. They are well educated legal professionals and nice human beings. UAE government pays special attention to the conditions and operations of Law Firms. The “Responsibilities and Role” of lawyers in a Law Firm can be defined in the summary format as follows;

  • Lawyers have to be professional and know the importance of time.
  • Lawyers must be having knowledge and experience in representing people.
  • A Lawyer expert in Labour Law should not represent a Client in Family Law. It will be like running her or his career or life.
  • Lawyers should not accede to his circle and professional boundary. He must keep in mind that there is accountability on him which is DIWAN court.
  • A lawyer has to make the best memorandum for the court cases. He should draft the best legal notices, provide the best consultancy.
  • Whatever he is offering he has to own that. A Lawyer or Legal Consultant can not give false or incomplete advice/opinion.