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Lets Open a New Company

Let’s open a new company. You are in the United Arab Emirates and want to take the opportunity of the amazing business environment. Therefore one has to open a company first. For setting up a company or opening a company, one needs to acquire the business or company setup services, mostly performed by the lawyers. Once this phase is finished then the businessman has to manage the employment documentation. Employment Agreements need to be drafted, Offer Letters, Internal Letters, Warning Letters, and there are many other communication letters with employees, need to be designed. Here comes the second and important job. Labour and Employment Lawyers are required to perform this job.

Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai, or in Sharjah or even anywhere in UAE, help you to prepare the Labour and Employment Agreement. Being an expert of UAE Labour Law, they are having the expertise about it. These Lawyers, help companies to draft all kinds of letters, labour agreements etc. Even we recommend that termination letters format should also be selected by these Employment Lawyers. We all know that labour contracts are of two types e.g. limited and unlimited contracts. Apart from that companies also get signed internal letter agreements with few employees. All such things can only be drafted by experts. Therefore Labour Law UAE expert lawyers should be hired for the job. This is also called the second important job while setting up a company.

Another example is the Non-Competition clause. Non-Competition should be drafted as per the rules defined by UAE Labour Law. If rules and restrictions will not be followed then it can be challenged and the court might order that Non-Competition can not be enforced. Expert Labour and Employment Lawyers are hired for such purposes so there must be no loophole left behind. 

Labour and Employment Lawyers have become, the need for modern business. This is not just in UAE, it is a requirement of all the developed countries and less developed countries. Labour and Employment Lawyers are the need for modern digital business, conventional business, product business and service business. If the support by Labor Lawyers is not acquired then it can put the business owner or employee in trouble. We suggest that employees should go to Labour Lawyers, book the consultation, and grab the legal knowledge about the rights before signing the labour and employment contract.