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Labour Employment Law and Lawyers

There are certain laws in every country for labour and employment which must be followed by the organization. Every employee and employer should know those laws which are able to protect them against any violation. Among many laws is one law in which it is stated that an employer must give an employee a minimum of 30 days’ time period before termination so that he or she is able to search for another job. This law is inflexible, which means no organization is able to make this time shorter. If any shorter contractual notice is applied to any employee, then it is unlikely to be enforceable by the employer. 

If there is any violation of any law, then Labour and Employment Lawyers can help you to safeguard your rights or to file a case against that organization or employee. Once the time is over then the employer must reimburse all entitlements that employees have not been able to benefit from, like leaves that have not been utilized by them. Gratuity is owed to them at the time of termination if they have worked continually without any leave for the company for at least one year and do not even participate in the company’s pension scheme. This is called the “end of service benefit”. It is payable at the rate of 21 days if the employee has worked for one year and 30 days if he worked for 5 years for the company. It is also stated in the laws of UAE that the employer must return the employee to their origin country if the employee is unable to find an alternative job in the set time.

There is no redundancy compensation in the law and they do not recognize it in any way. However, it is stated in the law that an employee must get up to 3 months of salary if he or she is terminated for any reason other than the performance. Whereas the issue of redundancy is still very debatable and it’s still in discussion to add it in the law or not. This is also called compensation for Arbitrary Compensation.

UAE Labour Law UAE allows a maximum of 3 months for such claims but if the employee has worked for more than 365 calendar days. Labour Lawyers in Dubai as well as in other parts of UAE are the lawyers who are supposed to update the people and make the UAE Labour Law easier for them. Law is federal and equally applies to Sharjah. Last but not the least, please check with the licensed lawyers and legal consultants first before taking legal action. Blogs and online discussions are good sources to get and grab legal knowledge but license lawyers must be consulted first. The online sources do not accept the responsibility as well as us. We pray and wish the legal aid seekers could get the best lawyers and legal consultants in UAE.