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Debt Collection Services Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

Debt Collection Services Sharjah and Abu Dhabi

Debt Collection Business for Sharjah and Abu Dhabi is a business like Debt Collection Dubai business. The companies operating in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah also need the services of Debt Recovery by a collection agency or Law Firm. The Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Lawyers in Sharjah, by the Law Firms are the better options for Debt Collection. The Law Firms operating in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are among the quality Law Offices in the UAE like Law Offices in the Emirate of Dubai. If the Debt Collection does not become successful then Debt Collection is taken to Civil Court Level, where a Civil Case is filled. A Debt Collection of Bounced Cheque will also be taken to Civil Courts now as no criminal legal activity can be launched based on the bounced cheques. Directly Civil Cases can be lodged.

Yes, unpaid salaries disputes can also be covered in a collection service but not a debt collection service. Here, a proper notice needs to be served to a company which will also be proof for the MOHRE, that person did his best to finish the matter amicably. Therefore it is suggested hire Lawyers and Law Firms for recovery services all over the United Arab Emirates. Unpaid Invoices matter if need to be escalated to court then it is registered in Labour and Employment Courts. Cases can’t be registered in the court where they do not belong.

Naturally, humans hide from the problems and these collection agencies do not leave the debtors easily. When the debtor doesn’t answer phones calls, emails and sometimes fail to respond when the Law Firm acting as Recovery Agent, can also help to filling the case in court. For an amount of 50000 AED, the court case might not be a good option but for an amount of 1Million AED, the creditor can’t wait for so long. Collection service cum litigation is the real methodology and the chance to recover the unpaid outstandings.

The business of debt collection by Emirati Law Firms has grown tremendously over the last decade. Typically, debts are sold or assigned to the third party when the original creditor feels that now the debt amount is no longer collectable. The original creditor is those from whom the debtor takes the money and asks for some time to return that money to them but if they are unable to do so even given different notices then the original creditor hires third party agencies to do that work for them. They work on a contract basis and ask for some percentage in it. These creditors are credit card companies, banks, mortgage companies, etc.

These debt collection agencies need electronic files in which there is all of the information of that debtor who took the money and from whom they have to collect the amount. These files contain the name of the debtor, account details, personal information, and any references which include all his or her personal and professional contacts. These collection agencies use this information for themselves to collect the debt amount.

However, there is no mention in that information that the debt is owed. There is no proof of that. This information is required by the law and fair debt collection practices act if you want to sue that debtor. Then all that necessary information should be mentioned in the file which proves that the debtor took the amount, how much the amount was, when he or she took the amount and when they were willing to give it back to the creditor. If all this information is not mentioned in the documents, then the debt collection agency is not authorized to sue you anyway.

Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are like the best-earning emirates in UAE rich with resources and opportunities. The Law is fully federal where all the confederation emirates are like one unit and work for the betterment of one another.