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Being Proactive in an Employment Scenario

Experienced Labour and Employment Lawyers in Sharjah

Experienced labour and employment lawyers in Sharjah provide specialized assistance to clients who are not content with their job circumstances or the attitude of the people they work for. Moreover, their legal services are also utilized by people at the top managerial positions in an organization. Business proprietors and the board of directors in any organization hold the top slots and direct the employees who work for them. If both the employees and the employer are conscious of their rights and duties according to the nature of their work, and organizational positions, there are shared benefits for both parties.

It reflects an ideal employee-employer relationship. However, if there is even a slight strain in this professional relationship then things go from bad to worse. The consequences are more severe and traumatic for both the parties involved. Hence, to avoid all such fuss, it is advisable for both the entities to be aware of their legal rights and entitlements as dictated by the Employment law. However, both the parties cannot comprehend the complex legal terminologies and decipher the manifestations of each decree of employment-related injunctions.

Competent Labour and Employment Lawyers in Sharjah offer much-needed legal awareness and assistance to clients. They not only explain to them how the legal system works. Moreover, they take the responsibility of handling all the essential legal documentation processes requisite in the filing of a case and its subsequent proceedings. It is nearly impossible for a layman to go through the convoluted legal paperwork on their own.

Competent Lawyers in Sharjah

The Competent Lawyers in Sharjah. As an employee, it is essential to have a profound knowledge of your employment-related rights, and duties. If you have no awareness regarding it, how can you decide when you have been wronged, exploited, harassed, or discriminated against at work. 

Hence, it is not only essential to approach an employment solicitor when you need him the most i.e. being a subject to workplace harassment, prejudices, unfair appraisals, etc. but to visit him even before the happening of any unfortunate event. Arrange a consultation session with a well-known employment law expert and get equipped with the knowledge of the employment law that is formulated to empower you and protect you against any unlawful, illegal, or exploitative behavior.


If an employee is not paid the salaries at the right time by the Employer, and the company is registered in Sharjah(either LLC or Free Zone), then the employee has the right to register the “Employment Complaint” in MOHRE or Free Zone Authority. Once the complaint is forwarded to Sharjah Labour Court and Case Number is issued then the time arrives to meet and hire the Labour and Employment Lawyers in Sharjah.