Legal Services Process

Legal Services, by the top and quality Lawyers and Legal Consultants. We are result-oriented, reliable and quality legal service providers. From Legal Consultation to Final Result, we stay with the Client like the best companion and good friend.   Debt Collection is often considered to be an extremely difficult job even in a country like the UAE where the laws regarding Continue Reading

The Initial Meetup

The first step to recover the bad debt, is to fully understand the nature of your dispute and why the debtor refuses to pay. We also need to discuss the possible routes you have taken in order to recover your debt. At times people may be desperate and may take routes which are not considered legal or highhandedness. Once we Continue Reading

Initial phase of debt recovery

The best way to start recovering debt in our experience is to introduce ourselves to the debtor. Many debtors think that their creditors will never hire professionals to recover. However, once we get your case and they know of it, they will be more inclined to pay up. This is why we start with a phone call and then slowly escalate Continue Reading

Using the law to our advantage

At times when the debtor does not pay despite our best efforts, it is best to then use the law as your last resort. It means filing a Case. The UAE benefits some of the best legal systems in the world, coupled with...Read More.

Recovery and charges

When your debt is recovered, the last step is for us to give you the said amount minus our pre-agreed charges and fees. We can pay you using a number of methods including bank cheque and wire transfer.