Looking For the Best Labour Attorney?

Doing business in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates, is quite lucrative beneficial. As a business owner, you must provide your employees with almost all the facilities they need as per them and as per the need of the business. Along with business needs, there are a few personal needs and rights as well. Sometimes, Continue Reading

Process to lodge the Complaints

If you are an employee or working for a company who is not paying you Salary, or paying you Salary on the right time, or company is not paying End of Service Benefits, or Company is not cancelling the VISA, or the company is not paying any outstanding which is payable etc, then what do you think the employee will Continue Reading

Family Law Lawyers or Law Firm

Family Law Lawyers Family Law Lawyers or Law Firm, are the lawyers or the Law Firm helping people in their individual disputes. It can be other than a dispute as well e.g. marriage etc. Whatever the matter is or dispute is the experts who can support people and help them to get their disputes resolved called, Family Lawyers. It is Continue Reading

Things to Know about a Law Firm

When you have lots of legal issues to deal from your end, you need to hire a law firm on a permanent basis. It has become the greatest necessity in today’s world, especially for companies. Companies and their employees cannot work without law and order. The rule is made for the betterment of society. It means for every segment of Continue Reading

To-Do While Hiring

A labour lawyer is the employee’s legal representative to manage the employment-related disputes including HR matters as well as other many businesses matters. He comes in when the employee has issues at his workplace. The employment lawyers in dubai have specialized in dealing with employment-related issues. If the company’s culture seems toxic to the workers, their productivity will be affected. Continue Reading

Reason for Hiring an Employment Lawyer

It is a common problem for the employees that they are being discriminated against or harassed at the workplace, but they cannot leave their jobs. Often, it happens that the employees are terminated from the job without giving them any notice. Employers take advantage of those employees who do not know their rights as workers. But of course, Labour Law Continue Reading